T h o m  G o r s t


Acrylic on canvas.  1000mm x 1000mm

It started as an abstract composition of ship elements based on golden ratios and diagonals, which I've been using for some time now as a way of disciplining a painting's geometry.  It has rivets - I researched into shipyard riveting before I made them - and they are clogged up with puddings of paint, and rust seeps through from below.

It's just a hundred years since merchant ships of all sides started to be sent to the bottom in the First World War.  I have always been sensitive to the memory of the sailors on all sides who died in that way - I learned that from my own father's deeply emotional trips to the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day just how strongly he believed that the bond between seafarers was stronger than even national allegiances in time of war.

So I have called this painting Remembrance in honour of the seafarers who perished a century or so ago as a result of the grievances being pursued very far away from them.  And, unlike those partisan poppies at the Tower of London that have recently been in the news, this respects them all.